E-cigarettes in Strasbourg

E-cigarettes in Strasbourg, surfing on the vape

In six months the number of sellers of e-cigarettes has increased in Strasbourg. If the first store opened there two years, they are now ten . Young autoentrepreneurs, sellers who officiated on the canvas now take their shop. The “vape” remains a very attractive market, but also very risky.

E-cigarettes in Strasbourg:

“With that prepares Brussels, I can tell you that sleeps badly!” Bratislav Turudic has reason to be worried: the European Commission is considering banning the use of refillable atomizers, or electronic cigarettes. ” Brat” has invested a lot of money to enter this new market, then reserved for a handful of fans before the big summer wave of media coverage of these products allow supposed to quit smoothly.

In May 2013, Bratislav Turudic opened its first store in Neudorf, under “Vap’n Co” brand. A month later, he opened a second store in the Robertsau, then a third Erstein in September. In January, it will Schiltigheim . His employee, Julien Puma account for its open his own business under the same brand ” within six months to a year. “So naturally a ban Brussels would be a blow to all those who invest in the market for ” vape “, which doubles every year, the number of “vapoteurs” exceeded 1.5 million in France in 2013.


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E-liquid electronic cigarette refill

The electronic cigarette allows you to make many economies, not to mention the health point of view. But the electronic cigarette is also synonymous with consumables such as e- liquid refills, more powerful batteries, cleaormiseurs, etc. . We are interested in the liquid first.

Refills of liquid can come from different countries, like any item, you may want more than the quality of low-end products, the French e -liquid are the products you need.

More and more companies and therefore signs distributions make you enjoy the French e-liquid. Natural products sometimes surprising flavors, subtle, fruity delight that the vapoteurs and their entourage.

Of course, it is possible to stay on the RY4, or other products to the smell of tobacco, but why not enjoy the fruity flavors of strawberry, banana, coconut, and many others. Indulge yourself, enjoy your surroundings, surprise the same. These consumables that are cheap e- liquid suitable for all clearomiseurs and all the powers of atomizers and batteries.

You want to have an overview of the products available, different prices charged by these online shops, or even those shops not far from you who have a website, visit on the links we provided you you may well be pleasantly surprised and amazed.

Free to you, then, to yield to the temptation of trying these bottles e-liquid. The electronic cigarette is not ready to suspend its innovations to attract more people and allow all smokers to take control of their health. So take your taste buds and your environment by choosing incredible fragrances.